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Image Library

Available Images

  • 2017: Contains stock photos for interior pages (vertical, horizontal and square) of every specialty.
  • 2018: Contains icons (black and white) that are often used for callout boxes on starter websites.
  • Base Sites: Contains banner photos and organization logos used on base starter websites.
  • Icons: Contains icons for retired starter websites (Horizontal Left, Horizontal Center and Vertical). It is advised to use the 2018 icons for our new starter templates (Neverland, Olympus, Atlantis, Camelot).
  • Starter Resources: Contains banner photos and organization logos to be used on starter websites.
  • Vendor Logos: Common vendor logos to be used on any Presence website.

Importing a Photo from the Global Image Library

  1. Click the edit button on the portlet.

  2. Click the image icon.

  3. Make sure that in the top right corner the Global library has been selected from the dropdown. Select your photo and click the "Insert" button.

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