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The Calendar displays editable events that can be color coded and sorted into groups. A Mini Calendar pulls information from a larger source calendar.

  • Minimal customization
  • Calendar color is chosen directly through the portlet settings
  • This portlet is slated for a user interface update

Adding a Calendar

  1. Put the website into Design Mode.

  2. Click on the Collaboration tab.

  3. Drag and Drop the Calendar Portlet onto the page.

Calendar Color Customization

The calendar portlet is currently using an outdated UI that is slated for an update. Due to the uncertainty surrounding that update, all Starter calendars will use default color styling for everything but the calendar head and border. Essentials calendars should have minor customization just to fit with the design of the site.

How to change the calendar color

  1. On the calendar page, select "Edit" from the tabs at the top of the calendar

  2. On the "Edit Calendar" screen, click the color swatch just below the calendar name.

  3. Once the color picker pops up, click the "HSB" button at the bottom.

  4. Copy the desired hexcode (for Starters, see the list below) and paste it into the box on the top left of the color picker, then click "Apply".

    For Essentials: Note that this color should be dark enough for white text to be readable.

  5. Click "Update Calendar" at the bottom of the screen to return to the main calendar view.

    You have successfully changed the calendar color! Note that the calendar background and text colors will not change from the default. Only the top header and calendar border color (purple by default) will change.

Starter Colors

Aquarium: #0171B7
Blush: #9E445D
Campus: #1B4167
Carnival: #084BA0
Creek: #826E5D
Desert: #5B7966
Disco-dark: #7705BF
Disco-light: #6810A0
Glamour-dark: #4F4E4C
Glamour-light: #4E4D4C
Gunmetal: #984F43
Jewel: #045E6D
Lake: #597286
Magma: #7B0903
Primary: #0A77D6
Rainforest: #1C6305
Reef: #0171C3
Rustic: #A45A11
Shoreline: #5A7784
Vineyard: #4E2E3D

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