Accessibility Tool


This portlet can be used for any text area you wish to create on the page. It has a text editor with HTML editing capabilities.

Options on the content portlet include:

  • Lock: This button allows you to lock portlets for Global Admin editing only.
  • Load (Down Arrow): This button is used to import content from the global content library. For in-depth instructions on importing content see the Content Library page.
  • Edit (Pencil): This button will get you into the Rad Editor where you can mark up content. Click here to view the Rad Editor guide.
  • History (Clock): This is a version history which will show you information on who edited the content, when the content was edited as well as the archiving previous versions of the content that can be restored.
  • Minimize: This button allows you to minimize the portlet which makes the content appear to be "invisible" on the live site.
  • Delete: Removes the portlet from the page.

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