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Upcoming Events

The Upcoming Events portlet pulls event information from an existing calendar on the website. Each event listed is linked to a page with full event details. The number of events displayed is determined by the individual portlet settings on each page (up to 10). All text displayed in this portlet is auto-generated.

Best Practices

  • There must be a calendar somewhere on the site with events to pull information from.
  • Text styling should display properly at all device widths (1920-1024px desktop, 990-320px mobile) and should be able to accomodate more or less verbiage.
  • Text must conform to ADA AA contrast guidelines (Web AIM Contrast Checker).
  • Background images should either be large enough to scale or be designed to repeat. For full width or height backgrounds, background-size should be set to cover(covers entire viewport on all sides) or contain(stops when any part of image hits a viewport edge) for responsiveness.

Render Templates

The HTML structure of a portlet is determined by the render template in use. Portlets have multiple render templates to choose from, and our development team has the ability to create new render templates based on client need.


Events - Large Date

Each event contains separate sections for event date and details. Event details include name, location, and time.

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Events - Weekday

Each event includes the weekday, date, and title of the event.

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