Accessibility Tool

Creating Author Accounts

  1. Use the password generated by the OnBoarder for the new user you are adding.
  2. If the OnBoarder has not created a password go to: and click the Generate button.
  3. Click on the Copy to Clipboard button.
  4. Add the password to the checklist for the form password and the client account password. Also make a note in CRM of the username and password.

  5. On the Manage Users page click on ADD USER.

  6. Enter the domain name as the Username, First Name and Last Name.
  7. Enter client's Email Address found on the blueprint.
  8. Enter generated Password.
  9. Click on the Add User button.

  10. Once user is added, go back to the Manage Users page and click on the user’s Screen Name.
  11. Click on the Member Of tab.

  12. Select Authors from the Add User to Group popup menu.
  13. Click on the Add button.

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