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Installing a Blog

Click "+ Page" in the administration bar and create a "News/Blog Page".

You must be ON your blog page in order to create new entries. When you want to create a new blog entry, click the "+ Page" in the administration bar and select "News/Blog Content Page".

  1. In the "Title" text box, put the name of your blog entry.
  2. Press the blue arrow to populate the "name" which is what shows in the URL.
  3. Click "Create Page".

You will now want to fill in the fields in the Page Content section.

Title: Title of the blog post
Featured Image: Image that will show up on the blog listing and the actual blog entry page.
Summary: Blurb text that shows on the blog listing page
Published Date: Date that shows on blog listing page and on the blog entry page.
Body: Text that shows on the full blog entry page.

Hit "publish" then "Yes" to successfully publish your blog entry.

Note: Blog entries may take a few minutes to show up on the blog listing page.

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