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Page Properties

  • Title: The title of the page. This text will display as the h1 and in the browser tab by default
  • Name: Will display in the URL of the page
  • Page Type: This shows you what kind of page was created (Content, News/Blog, Photo Gallery etc.)
  • Theme: Shows you what theme the page is using. This is where you can change the theme, as well
  • Icon: An icon can be selected (generally not used)
  • Category: A category can be selected for the page (generally not used)
  • Featured Image: An image can be selected, but will only show if the design implements a featured image (Ex: Photo behind interior h1s on Neverland Starter)

Page Administration

  • Page Owner: Person who created the page
  • Last Modified: Date and time of the last time the page was modified
  • Release Date: Can be set if you want the page to go live some time in the future
  • Expiry Date: Can be set if you want the page to be hidden from the public on a certain date
  • Follow-up Tasks: (Options include: Review, Archive, Move) If Review or Archive is chosen, you will select a date these need to occur on or by. If Move is chosen you will be able to choose where to move the page to.

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