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Provisioning a Site

Quick Link: Steps to Re-Provision a Website

Steps and Best Practices

Once you have received the screenshot approval and are preparing the site for development, you can register the site on the platform.

  1. Log onto and enter your credentials.
  2. From the admin toolbar, hover over the colorful 4 circles in the top left corner and select "System Administration".

  3. Under the TeleVox Administration section select "Customer Site Library".
  4. On the top right hand corner select "Provision Customer Site".

  5. Ensure all mandatory and applicable fields are completed and at least one location has been added. Additional locations can also be added once the site has been registered if needed. Below you will find best practices for filling out the form:
    Customer Site Details Section:
    1. Customer Site Name: enter the name of the practice
    2. Timezone: enter the timezone the client is located in
    3. Base Site Type:
      1. For Essentials clients we should default to "Essentials_Orthodontic (1)" as this is the only base site that is currently loaded into the back end of the system. As the developers load more base sites, there will be other options, but for now we should choose this option for all Essentials sites.
      2. For starter clients we should choose one of the following four options based on what layout the client chose:
        1. 2017NeverlandStarter (If the Neverland layout was chosen)
        2. 2017OlympusStarter (If the Olympus layout was chosen)
        3. 2017AtlantisStarter (If the Atlantis layout was chosen)
        4. 2018CamelotStarter (If the Camelot layout was chosen)
    4. Default date format: Month Day, Year. Ex: February 28, 2008
    5. Customer Site URL: enter the middle portion of the client’s domain ex: kilmoreeye. The prefix and suffix will auto populate once site is spun up. The URL has to be unique, so if you find that another client shares the same domain (aside from the suffix), you can add the state they are in, For example:


      *This will be what determines the clients preview link. For instance, the preview link for the example above would be:

    6. Friendly URLs: you only need to enter the www and non-www for the primary domain as follows (replace highlighted example domain with actual client domains):

      If the client has multiple domains, the secondary domains will be taken care of with a 301 re-direct once the site goes live.

      While it’s very rare, if the client purchased an SSL certificate for their entire site, then you would also enter the following two domains in addition to the two listed above:

    7. Customer Site Details Section:
    8. Site Theme:
      1. For Essentials clients you should default to "Essentials_Orthodontic Template" as this is the only base site that is currently loaded into the back end of the system. As the developers load more base sites, there will be other options, but for now you should choose this option for all Essentials sites.
      2. For Starter clients you should choose the layout and font options based on what layout the client chose. The color option does not matter. For example: if the client chose Horizontal & Left Aligned and Aleo font, you would choose: "Starter – Left Align – Monochromatic – Aleo, if the client chose the new Neverland Starter design, you would choose: "2017NeverlandStarter", etc
    9. Site Menu:
      1. For Essentials clients: ignore this field as the developer will default to whatever type of menu is on the approved screenshot. You can leave the default "Horizontal Menu" in this field.
      2. For Starter clients: choose the corresponding menu type based on their layout selection.
    10. Main Colors and Accent Colors: leave these fields blank. For Essentials clients - the designer will include everything in their design files. For Starter clients – the developer will use the color palette noted on the BluePrint and in the develop site work item in CRM.
    11. Social Media Links Section:
    12. Enter links to all applicable social sites the client is a member of.Location(s) Section:
    13. Click the "add location" link on the right side of this section. Enter the clients contact information for the first location then click "Update". See example below:

      *Be sure to enter the hours using the format above as this is how they will show on the site.

      Once you've entered the first location, if the client has additional locations you can select "Add Location" again from the main form page and enter the contact information for the second location. Repeat as needed. If you forget to add a location you can easily log back into the system and add it.

  6. Select "Create Site" at the bottom right of the main form page.

*Please note: you will no longer receive a confirmation email once you register a site. If you need to verify that a site was registered, you can simply login to, follow steps 1-3 above and then find the customer in question from the "Customer Site Library" screen.

**The site preview link can be found in step 5.e.above. That’s the link you will need to put in the "Develop Site" work item in CRM so that the developer will know what site to build. This is also the link you will need to enter into the "Website 2 URL" field when you register clients in the Dear Doctor system.

***Also, be sure you generate a password for the client to use to login to their site – you can generate one here: Notate this password on the BluePrint and in the Develop Site work item in CRM.

Re-Provisioning a Site

Below are steps an OnBoarder should take if they provision a site incorrectly.

Typically, Amy catches these on the backend, but there are times when the OnBoarder or Developer catch it first. Either way, there are steps the OnBoarder should take.

Types of errors that constitute a re-provision:

  1. Domain error (misspellings, extra characters, wrong domain entered, etc.)
  2. Wrong base type and/or site theme was chosen (“Essentials_Orthodontic (1)” was chosen but it should be “2018CamelotStarter”. Or, “2017AtlantisStarter” was chosen but it should be “Essential_OrthodonticTemplate”, etc.)

If one of the mistakes listed above happens, the OnBoarder should:

  1. Under the Develop Site work item for that client, please add a sub work item titled "Change Request".
  2. Assign the work item to Webplus Domains with a status of <Ready for Work>.
  3. In the description field, make a note letting Amy know that the site was provisioned with the wrong domain/misspelled domain, wrong template, etc. and let her know what the correct domain, template type, etc. is.
  4. Amy will make the necessary adjustments in the system and then mark that work item complete since no further action is required on the OB's part.
    1. If further information or action is needed, Amy will make notes accordingly and assign it back to the OB as <Changes Needed>. The OB can add the necessary information/take the necessary steps, make notes and then assign it back to WebPlus Domains as <Ready for Work>.

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