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Server Setups

WebPlus Developers are provided with the full Adobe Creative Suite 2 software package. The recommended software for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and FTP uploads is Dreamweaver. We have exported all of our servers FTP information into .ste files located on the p drive.

(P:\WebDeveloper\Presence Platform\Developer Training\FTP Servers)

Importing STE Files

  1. Copy the FTP Servers folder to your desktop
  2. Open Dreamweaver
  3. Click the Window option on the top bar & ensure that Files is checked

  4. Find the Files window on your Dreamweaver workspace and left click it
  5. Next, Click the server drop down list
    1. Scroll down to the very bottom and click manage sites
    2. On the manage sites window click import site
      1. Navigate to your FTP Servers folder and select all the files & click OK

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