Accessibility Tool

Page Layout

The page is made up of rows and columns filled with defined portlet areas. Defined portlet areas are designated by red outlines in design mode. Multiple portlets can be added to a single defined portlet area and styled with CSS to display horizontally or vertically. Drag and drop capabilities make adding, removing, and rearranging portlets within a defined portlet area easy.

Creating Your Own Page Layout

  • Go to "Page Options" in the admistration bar at the top of the page.
  • Click on "Page Layout".
  • Select "Custom" for your Layout Style.
  • Markup your page layout using HTML, placing all code within <template> </template> beginning and ending tags.
    • Add a <column /> tag to any area where you would want to place a portlet (content, callout, feature etc.)
  • Place completed code in "Custom Layout" box.
  • Click "check validation".
  • If code passes validation then click "Update Page".

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