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Saving Portlets Locally

When a site is provisioned all of its portlets are global. Once the developer or a technician edits a portlet and clicks "Save" the portlet then becomes local.

All developers are to edit and save all portlets locally on ALL starters. To do this:

  • Enter edit mode and click the pencil icon on any portlets that contain the same images or content from the base site. (Title place holders and content BG images)

  • Once the RadEditor or Feature Box editor is opened simply click the "Save" button. A popup will appear asking you to select a folder from the local library.

  • Select a folder and click "Save" again.

If this is done on all portlets the site will be safe from future base site changes.

Here are examples of portlets that usually remain global on Olympus. (Note the process change for saving portlets locally applies to ALL templates, not just Olympus)

Additional Note: These changes do not apply to the FOOTER AREA of Neverland. Follow normal processes when editing portlets in that extra pageset.

Banner Portlet

Callout Placeholder Text Content Portlet

Welcome Text BG Image

Testimonials BG Image

Organizational Logos BG Image

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